Bano India

Q. How do I get started with Banoindia
A.Banoindia is a network centric B2B platform, designed specifically for small & medium businesses in India. It brings traders, wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers in India on to a single platform. With real insights into active trends, and great B2B features, Banoindia brings to them the power of technology to scale & nurture their business. To get started with Banoindia, you need to download Banoindia App, and register your business. Once registered, you will have access to all the trades and selections from sellers from all over India.

Banoindia App

Q. Where can I download Banoindia App?
A. You can download Banoindiaa App by visiting on your mobile or by clicking the banners below for your respective platforms.


Q. How to grow with Bano India?
A. Bano India provides access to new markets with a fast, low-cost, low-wastage, highly-reliable shipping & delivery system across India for its buyers and sellers. Bano India Capital, the NBFC arm focused on SME financing service, provides financial products for sellers and buyers to grow their business.


Q. How do I buy / trade on Banoindia?
A.You can buy / sell / trade on Banoindia using Banoindia App. If you are a new buyer you can discover selection in following ways:


Q.How do I register? Are there specific requirements to register on Banoindiaa?
A.You can register with your mobile number and OTP. Once you have put the mobile number and OTP, registration process will start. Being a B2B platform, the only requirement to register with Banoindia is that you own or work at a business or a shop. Given the trade oriented nature of the transactions, end consumers will not find enough value on Banoindia.